All-in-one platform that does everything you need to manage your preformance channel — and scale your business.

  1. Affiliate Management

    Offervia provides the necessary tools for managing your affiliate database. You can view your affiliates account information and contact details, verify or block affiliate accounts with ease.

  2. Built-in Payment Management System

    It is crucial for every affiliate program to make timely payouts to their affiliates. And just as important is to do it efficiently, preferably in just a few clicks.

  3. Comprehensive Reporting

    Our reports allow you to view and analyse performance of all of your brands, affiliates, affiliate campaigns, and referral links. Reporting filters and data groupings are extremely flexible, providing you with the reports you need with a desired level of detail.

  4. Media Management

    With Offerurl you can easily upload banners and add landings to your affiliate program settings. You can make them private and assign them to specific affiliates, or make them publicly available to all your partners.

  5. Flexible Commission Plans

    You can offer a wide variety of commission plans to your affiliates, from standard CPA, RevShare and Hybrid deals to your own unique reward algorithms. You can create conditional tiers based on net revenue, slab based on category etc.

  6. S2S Postbacks

    Postbacks are a type of conversion tracking protocol that happens on the side of the server. It allows your affiliate program to send the required conversion data to an affiliate tracker whenever a certain event occurs.

  7. Fault Tolerance and High Availability

    Our visit-tracking application handles high loads of multiple requests simultaneously and allows us to achieve high-availability and fault-tolerance, thus ensuring that affiliate links are working 100% all the time.